Chapter 4 - Population Patterns

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Basic population information:
Total population: 1,323,140
Population density (per Sq. mile): 20.3
Median Age: 39
Race: 83.7% white, 8.4% hispanic, 7.9% other.

Jeffersons population density is relatively low - 20.3 people per sq. mile (compared to 217.2 people per sq. mile in the state of California). There is a wide variety of political affiliation, with active groups of both liberals and conservatives. However, similar to those living there during earlier periods, most people of Jefferson state share a negative additude towards government.

A lack of profitable industry is partly responsible for the economic stagnation of this area. Historically, Jeffersonians relied on the timber and fish industries for economic growth, but as these natural resources became less available (due to increased protection and a dwindling supply), the economic prosperity of the region decreased. This is one of the many contributing factor to the infamous prevelence of marijuana production in Jefferson.