Chapter 11 - Recreational Resources

Most recreational resources in Jefferson utilize the natural beauty of the area. Below of pictures and descriptions of some of these recreational resources.

This is a photo of one of the many human-powered vehicles celebrated at the World Grand Championship Kinetic Sculpture race in Arcata, California. Most vehicles are modified bicycles with paper mache sculptures on/around them. The track is 41 miles and the race lasts 3 days. Sections of the track cross large bodies of water, requiring kinetic sculptures be amphibious.

This is an image of a hiking trail in the Trinity Alps, in central Jefferson. This area spreads over 517,000 acres, making it the second largest wilderness area in California, and has trails for beginners as well as more experienced hikers. There are many hiking trails in Jefferson, as much of its territory is mountainous and rural.

This is the Lost Coast, another hiking destination. The Lost Coast stretches along an undeveloped Northern Californias coastline, isolated from any state or county roadway. Due to the nature of the rough terrain in this area, no roads could be built that would justify their costs, which has resulted in a relatively undisturbed coastline popular among hikers and ocean lovers.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival draws tourists to Ashland, Oregon, and is the largest recreational resource based on the performing arts in the region. Eleven shows are performed on three different stages in February and October.

River rafting is popular along the Rogue River, portions of which contains grade IV rapids but is generally still accessible to less experienced rafters. Jet boats are also popular along the rogue river, carrying 114,000 people every year along 104 miles of the river.